After School Programs

PTA Afterschool Programs at Spring Glen

Fall 2019

Packets containing sign-up information for each program have been distributed in your child’s folder!  If you didn’t get one, or lost it, you can access the packet here.  Programs will begin the week of September 16th and generally run for 8-12 weeks.  Please sign up soon as spaces fill and programs need to get their rosters to the front office.

The PTA wants all children to be able to participate in afterschool programs regardless of their ability to pay.  Scholarships are need-based and available for any child who would otherwise not be able to join an afterschool program.  This includes but is not limited to families who qualify for free or reduced lunch.  Simply pay 10% of the total cost of the program and the PTA will pay the remainder.  There is no application process; you should take financial aid if cost is an obstacle to your child participating.

Most programs end between 4:30 and 4:45 PM.  The program will notify you which door dismissal takes place at; please arrive promptly at that location (not the front office).  Any children enrolled in Right at School aftercare can be dismissed directly to that program. Contact the program leader for any specific questions.  Direct any general questions about the PTA afterschool programs to

Fall 2019 Afterschool Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Play More Chess (K-6) Great Books (3-4) Kidding Around Yoga (K-6) Math Circle (K-5) Kidding Around Yoga (K-6)
Clay Time (K-2) Clay Club (3-6) Creative Kids (K-2) Creative Kids (3-6) Little Scientists (K-2)
Mad Science (K-5) Beginning Soccer (1-2) Basketball Academy (5-6) Advanced Soccer (2-3) Great Scientists (3-6)
Small World Spanish (3-5)

Lego Quest (K-6)

VEX Robotics (2-5) Small World Spanish (K-2) Marcy’s Tennis (K-5)


Play More Chess (K-6) The after-school chess club provides a fun opportunity to learn the game of chess and improve chess skills.  More info at

Clay Time (K-2) We will explore the principles of clay through several creative activities and projects. For more info contact

Mad Science (K-5) This action-packed STEM-focused program is bubbling over with classic experiments and crazy concoctions.  More info at


Lego Quest (K-6)

Clay Club (3-6) We will explore the principles of clay through several creative activities and projects.  For more info contact

Small World Spanish (3-5) A foreign language school in Cheshire specializing in early exposure for young children. More info at

Soccer Club – Beginners (1-2) A mix of fun skills training and 5v5 games for kids who have not yet played soccer with a coached team/league. Contact for more information.

Great Books (3-4) The Spring Glen Great Books Program is a monthly gathering during which students will discuss some of the best works of literature ever written for young people.


Kidding Around Yoga (K-6) Children gain balance, strength, and better focus all while stretching, dancing, and striking poses.  More info at

Creative Kids (K-2) Creative Kids is an afterschool program in which kids get to be kids! We explore many art forms, read fiction and non-fiction books, and create original art.

Basketball Academy (5-6) Individual skills training and 3v3 game instruction for kids who have already developed basic fundamentals with a coached team/league and want to advance their skills. Contact for more information.

 Vex Robotics (2-5) The Spring Glen Robotics Team participates in the VEX IQ robotics challenge. Small teams of students work together to build, program, test, and control a mobile robot. More info at


Math Circle (K-5) A chance for young children to explore a wide range of math topics in a supportive, social environment.  More info at

Creative Kids (3-6) See Wednesday.

Soccer Club – Experienced (2-3) See Tuesday – for kids who have played coached soccer.

 Small World Spanish (K-2) See Tuesday.


Kidding Around Yoga (K-6) See Wednesday.

Marcy’s Tennis (K-5) Give your child a chance to learn the life-time sport of tennis in a fun-filled environment. More info at

Little Scientists Science Club (K-2) Hands-on science learning to strengthen students’ inner scientist and their power to discover, learn, and achieve. More info at

Great Scientists Coding Club (3-6) More info at

Previous sessions:

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