Join the Spring Glen PTA

You can join the PTA online here.

The mission of the Spring Glen Elementary School PTA is to:

  • Build a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive community among parents, students, teachers, and staff.
  • Strengthen communication between parents, the school, and the district.
  • Support additional opportunities available to all students.
  • Provide additional resources to the school.

Each event and initiative of the PTA furthers these goals.

  • PTA-sponsored events including Art Night, Spring into Spring Glen 5K, Field Day, and the School Play (opportunities and community)
  • PTA-organized after-school enrichment programs with need-based scholarships (opportunities)
  • Grants to teachers for classroom materials (resources)
  • Financial support for in-school assemblies (opportunities and community)
  • PTA-coordinated volunteer opportunities (community and communication)
  • A website, Facebook page, and calendar with information about school events (communication)
  • Providing every student with a book for One School, One Book (resources and community)
  • Kindergarten and new family playdates (community and communication)
  • And more…

The work of the Spring Glen PTA is made possible by the support and involvement of our members.  We strive to create opportunities for involvement to fit all schedules.  All are encouraged to join the PTA regardless of your availability to volunteer or attend meetings.  If you have not already joined the PTA, please consider doing so.

For more information about the Spring Glen PTA, please:

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